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Week 49

Orient Aviation’s Week in the Asia-Pacific

By Asia Editor, Will Horton



Jetstar expands booking platform

Tigerair Taiwan is first non-Jetstar airline to sell tickets on the group’s website. Read More »



AirAsia allocates 2020 aircraft growth

Expansion slows to 12 aircraft, mostly for India. Faster growth in 2021 with 33 aircraft. Read More »



Bamboo Airways plans 787 delivery and Japan Airlines partnership this month

Bamboo and Japanese flag carrier to sign partnership Memorandum of Understanding. Read More »



Shenzhen approved for Lufthansa and Egypt Air flights

Southern Chinese city had expected Ethiopian would be its first non-Asian airline. Read More »





Hong Kong Airlines receives cash injection

Regulator annoyed airline’s financial position delayed salary payments. Read More »



Japan-Korea tensions seen as thawing

A 66% decrease in Koreans visiting Japan hurting Korean aviation and Japanese tourism. Read More »



Garuda boss accused of smuggling motorbike parts on delivery flight from France

At press time, Garuda Indonesia president, Air Askhara, was being threatened with dismissal after he was accused of smuggling disassembled Harley Davidson motor bike parts and also Brompton folding bicycles into Indonesia aboard an A330-900 November delivery flight from Toulouse. Read More »


Short Takes

CODE-SHARES: Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines (JAL) expanded their code-share agreement in November to include flights from Fukuoka to Osaka-Itami (JAL) and Fukuoka to Amami-Oshima, Hanamaki, Kochi, Matsumaya, Miyazaki, Sendai and Tokushima with J-Air. Read More »